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Friday, October 19, 2012

In the Company of Serpents: TRIVIA CONTEST!

It hasn't been terribly long since Heavy Planet first featured Denver's In the Company of Serpents, a thick and buzzing stoner/sludge/doom act loaded with promise and short on flaws. It was already abundantly clear these dudes put their riffs before their wallets, but now they're offering up FREE downloads to the first TEN readers who correctly respond to the five questions listed below.

And let's just pretend your response falls to number eleven. Well, you still win; just visit the band's bandcamp page and dig for five measly clams. You NEED this band in your head!

Oh, this couldn't be any easier. Simply email your responses to Seth at desertsessions@hotmail.com and he'll let you know whether your hand was quick enough. If it was, he'll respond with a link to a free download of the album. See? Fuckin' simple! Here ya go...

(Disclaimer: These questions are straight from the fucking band)

1. How much more black could this album be?

A. Slightly more black.
B. Way more black.
C. None more black.

2. Which band penned these lyrics:
"Rip your head off and smoke your brain
but at the same time I can be tamed
Conquered and climbed many walls
now and then I'm gettin' kicked in the balls"

A. Earthride
C. Sonic Death Monkey

3. Proceeds the Weedian, ________ .

A. Nazarene
B. Nazareth
C. Lazarus

4. Taco Supreme:

A. None for me, thanks.
B. Whatever.
C. Taco Supreme!

5. Mankind is ___________ .

A. Doomed
B. A virus
C. Unkind, man

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