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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Dopelord / XII Boar

Dopelord: Magick Rites 

Careening into Heavy Planet like a Texas-sized meteor are Dopelord and their latest release Magick Rites. This Lublin, Poland based band embodies the very cosmic soul that is stoner and doom metal. You see, the crew here at Heavy Planet, we go through a lot of bands, week in and week out. We try to cover as much 'under'ground musicians as possible and now and again we're blinded by a brilliant star in the sky. Dopelord define the work Heavy Planet does. The equation is easy take a couple guitars, down tune them, add a whole lot of bass, tremendous percussion, some inspiration from the dark arts, and last but certainly not least magical herbs. Check out my personal favorite track Rise! Undying! at bandcamp or order a copy from Can't Tell You Records HERE!


Arek - Drums 
Klusek - Bass 
Miodek - Guitar // Vocals 
Mroku - Guitar


XII Boar: Split Toungue, Cloven Hoof 

As you can expect every Wednesday, a second 'Dose' that is sure to scratch that itch that doctor's Rx was supposed to cure. XII (pronounced twelve) Boar graced the pages of Heavy Planet as a NBTBOT and are back with their 2012 release Split Toungue, Cloven Hoof. The trio have proven themselves as true handy-men, taking on all of the work 'in house'. Split Toungue, Cloven Hoof's, much like their previous record XII, production is crystal clear and full of that gritty rock'n'roll attitude that every metal band needs. The vocals are gruff, full of southern appeal and well whiskey [of course], the drum fills are mathematically placed, and all is puppeteered by this boar's almighty RIFF! But honestly, how are you going to ignore a song's with names like Slamhound and Hellspeed Viper? You can't. Jam to my favorite track Triclops below, and be sure to turn the volume to eleven.


Adam "Bad-Dog" Williams - Bass // Backing Vocals 
Dave Wilbraham - Drums 
Tommy Hardrocks - Guitar // Vocals

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