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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: PEACEMAKER



Peacemaker were formed in London in 2010. Sam Taylor and Rich Maw- former members of Humberside death metal band Infliction- contacted former Satanic Fatwa bassist Al Lawson and embarked a musical quest. Eschewing any scene, trend or nod to what was currently in vogue, they instinctively knew they had to play: True, Old School, Doom Laden Metal. With an album of music written and rehearsed the search was on for a vocalist. Ravens Creed (and former Satanic Fatwa) frontman Al Osta was recruited from his lair in Leeds and quickly pledged his allegiance to the cause.

Death to the Betrayers. Welcome to the Fifth Circle of Hell.

"Folks, what we have here may probably be the best demo I have heard this year! With that being said, let me explain why. A demo or demonstration is a sampling of what the band is about to put forth. Sometimes those demos are raw, horribly produced and quite frankly not worth your time. Harkening back to the mid-eighties when many of us were banging our head to some cheesy hair metal there were some of us discovering the wonderful world of true doom metal. Bands like Trouble, Candlemass and the almighty Saint Vitus were filling our eardrums in awe. London's Peacemaker is one of those bands that truly wears their influences on their sleeve. The mastering and production is crisp without getting too polished, believe me there is quite a bit of grime bubbling under these three songs. Standing out among the solid musicianship is the vocal prowess of former Raven's Creed vocalist Al Osta. Evil permeates throughout each song in glorious riff-driven magnitude and yes there is even a cowbell. This is just a tease as to what to expect as the band apparently has 8 songs ready to go for the right label to sign them. What the hell are you waiting for. This shit is EPIC! Doom on Peacemaker!"
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