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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Dűne / Sannhet

Dűne: Demo 2012 

Looking for some gritty Eastern European stoner rock? Look no further, because this week's first shot of the 'Dose', Dűne, hail from Hungry and are bringing some seriously groovy songs to the table. On Dűne's demo EP we find plenty of percussive and bass heavy jams, intricately designed to force listeners to do one thing only... head-bang. Some of the tunes you will find whiskey drenched lyrics in their native tongue and others completely instrumental. The demo is streaming and can be downloaded for free here.


Csaba Mundi - Guitar // Vocals 
Domonyi Ps - Drums // Vocals 
Dudoma Victor - Guitar // Vocals 
Tamas Kormos - Bass // Vocals


Sannhet: EP 

Slow ruin.... That is the memo on Brooklyn based experimentalists Sannhet's facebook page. I disagree. This trio's take on post-metal, noise, and black metal is much more abrupt in absolute desimation. In three short songs Sannhet convey grand emotion and depth. Check out their video for Moral below and look forward to the full length. And if you can't stand the anxiety, look for their tour through the Mid-West and Southern USA!


AJ Annunziata - Bass 
Christopher Todd - Drums // Samples 
John Refano - Guitar // Loopers

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