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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Broken Betty / Solens Barn

Broken Betty: Original Features 

Betty a'int broken... She's a well oiled, Polish three-piece throwing dirty blues and punk through a wood chipper, and some how the outcome amounts to so much more. The opening track, Bastard Rocket, (a single recently added to Heavy Planet Radio) is the remaining chips made up of a massive bass-line and an aggro shouts. This is all well and good, but Betty really grabs me by the balls with the EP closer Terminus / Freedom Out Of Fire. This expansive piece moves away from the 'punk blues' we heard moments before and into an alternant reality that only Crack The Skye has proved in recent music history. The twelve and a half minute monster certainly seems like some bastard spawn from Red Fang and Mastodon. Check it out below or stop by bandcamp for more Broken Betty.


Jan "Dziablas" Galbas - Vocal // Bass 
Piotr "Pacior" Paciorkowski - Guitars 
Sebastian Sawicz - Drums


Solens Barn 

Children of the Sun, also known as Solens Barn (in Norwegian), are a dark rock and experimental metal quartet from Norway's oil capitol Stavanger. Plodding along with an intenstly distorted bass-line and thunderous percussion, Mr. Dvergastein and company will drowned listeners with their drone heavy tunes and haunting lyrics. Check out their latest track Solslottet Session below. There are also some killer live clips from Cementen at their blogspot page.

Anders Hjorth Mosnes - Drums 
Anders Refsnes - Guitar // Vocals 
Kjetil Brandsdal - Bass 
Markus Dvergastein - Guitar // Vocals

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