Monday, August 13, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: SPACE LIZARD



Space Lizard from Helsinki plays heavy rock with a hint of psychedelia reaching from snail-paced tempos to straight forward rock'n'roll. The band was founded in the 90's, but reformed and changed its name from Devil's Harvest to Space Lizard in 2008. So far two demo-CD's Hazy Mystical Groove (2009) and Month of the Rabbit (2012) have been released.

B - Henri Lehto
G - Tapio Pesälä
V - Matti Pitkänen
D - Antti Selamaa

"Starting off the latest EP "Month of the Rabbit" by Finnish band Space Lizard is the toasty buzz of "Plutonium Sunrise". The song saturates your ears with a nice groove, bottom heavy blast and a shredding guitar solo. Vocalist Matti Pitkänen takes hold of the track with full force and a bit of Ozzy-like nasality. The next track "Never Free" slows down the tempo and is much heavier and doomier, the vocals are more dramatic and less edgy on this track. Closing out this familiar but diverse EP is the uptempo "Nazi Woman" which takes on a more seventies heavy rock vibe a la Cactus. A very nice intro to the band. Check them out!"
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