Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: IRONBIRD



From over a decade of playing metal in Cardiff under various guises including Diabolo and The Devil's Hand, Ironbird delivers lowdown, thunderous tales of assassins, curses and false messiahs.

"For a stripped-down, vociferous and unpretentious fuzzfest, I suggest you check out the latest release "Songs of Spite and Ire" from UK stoner metallers Ironbird. The tunes represented on this album harken back to the early nineties when grunge and stoner rock were in coexistence. Utilizing the warm and fuzzy tones of stoner/desert rock and the raw punkish feel of grunge, each song is remarkably played with precision and passion. Where the band truly shines is when they layer in unassuming melody, shredding solos and a classic metal crunch to an already appeasing sound. Standout tracks such as "Black Sunrise", "Count the Curses" and "Ghost Prayer" will surely leave an eternal buzz ringing in your ears for daze. And oh yeah, you can get all this glorious fuzzy mayhem for free. Love this shit!"
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