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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Grenouer / (waning)


Grenouer: Computer Crisis 

This weeks double dose will start with a shot of vodka, for our comrades Gremouer from St. Petersburg, Russia. Beginning as a death metal band in 1992, Gremouer has evolved over the years. The sound has progressed away from the death metal the band was founded on towards industrial metal, and at times djent-like (if you are unfamilar with this terminology listen to Meshuggah). The vocals have also evolved further away from deathened growls and shouts to cleanly sung. The outcome can best be described as diverse, seasons of this band's grand evolution. Check out their latest video Fix Your Life from upcoming release Computer Crisis available through Copro Records (UK).


Igor Arbue 
Mikele Coroner 


(waning): Broken Path 
Using ample ambience and ethos as a foundation (waning), a Sacramento, California foursome, have created a luscious sound I'd like to call melo-doom. Taking notes from post-metal and shoegaze acts and thanks to Susan [Hart]'s keyboards and vocals the music from their latest release Broken Path stay melodic. The songs also contain an intense and organic punch through the weight of the slugdy rhythym and Jim [Willig]'s gritty vocals. Listeners will find moments of pure beauty and also a dissonance of solitude. There are also some 70's prog era signatures where Hart's keyboards come in to back up the guitar and rhythm sections, most noteably in the big finale of the monster track Queen of Bees. Check it out below and be sure to stop at bandcamp to give a listen to their other tracks.

 Benjamin Carpineta - Drums 
Ian Black - 
 Jim Willig - Guitar / Vocals 
Susan Hunt - Keyboard / Vocals

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