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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Band To Burn One To (Special Edition) Two For Tuesday: MINERVA and SUN FRENZY

Since I was unable to post a "New Band To Burn One To" yesterday, I figured I'd give you a pretty sweet deal. Today for your listening pleasure I bring to you two great bands from Poland ...please let me introduce MINERVA and SUN FRENZY!

First up is MINERVA

Band Bio:

In 2000 we started up in a garage, just like any other band - playing Metallica covers and goofing around. But throughout the years, things got a lot more serious. We went through lineup changes, priority changes, influence changes, and so on... In 2005 a first EP "Invisible" materialised - and that was it! Although it was just a foretaste to what was about to happen. After that release we took a lot of musical steroids and in 2010 we finished our first debut album "Dead For A Lifetime".

Minerva - The Day

"We don't review too many bands like Minerva on Heavy Planet, but from first listen, I enjoyed what I heard. While the band is primarily metalcore through and through, Minerva transcends across many genres. Without sacrificing melody, the band bulldozes through songs of passion and aggression with a ton of grime and filth. I really like the vocals a lot. They go from a nice-melodic style to screaming bloody murder and then to a gut-wrenching bellow. Using elements of thrash, hardcore and an undeniable groove, Minerva is definitely worth a listen."



Next up is SUN FRENZY

Band Bio:

The idea of the band was born long, long time ago when Chris (Krzysztof Gulbinowicz) and John (Szymon Kaim) met each other and started to play together. After years of unsuccessful search of band members they finally agreed that their long known friend "Tomasz Kołodziejski" aka Motek would be the missing link in chain reaction of creation that band. So in the beggining of 2011 they named themselves SUN FRENZY. A band heavly rooted in hard rock 60's/70's and head stuck deep in stoner rock.

"These dudes can jam! Albeit a tad raw, you can still feel the sun-drenched Stoner Rock kiss of SUN FRENZY. The grooves ebb and flow as the solos soar and the bass lines warble. The jams are held in check by a smooth and steady drum beat. Yep, scorching desert grooves from Warsaw, Poland."
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