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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: DRESDEN

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...DRESDEN!


Dresden was started in 2009 by Miguel Rincon, Greg Farley, Daniel Highstreet and a vocalist simply known as The Singer. The band had played several successful show in the period of two years.Also, the bands name is taken from the city of Dresden Germany were in World War 2,the city was being bombed so bad that the air itself was ablaze with fire.Greg Farley,the drummer came up with the name because the bands music at times gives one the feeling of having sonic bombs dropped on them.In 2011,due to personal issues,Miguel Rincon was relieved from the band,and I,Mark Taranto,took his place. We have spent the better half of last year refining our sound,and just recently played our first show together with our revamped line up great reviews from concert goers and friends. Our influences include,The Sword,Fu Manchu,Black Sabbath,Rush and many others.


"I have been sitting on this band Dresden for quite a while now and while the band barely has any online presence at all (the band has a MySpace page and a few videos) Dresden is a band that is looking to redefine their sound and for that reason I decided to give them a little press. For starters, New Orleans Stoner/Doom band Dresden is not out to reinvent the wheel. The band has a simple impenetrable groove, gritty southern rock flare and their full blown heavy ass sound goes right to your core. What I really like about the band is the soulful vocals which truly stand out and bring that extra feel to the band's live shows. The videos below show the band performing a few new songs at a recent show with their current lineup. With that being said, all that is left to say is Doom on Dresden, Doom the fuck on!"

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  1. if I ever have kids, they will be born either deaf or addicted to Dresden, their heavy, chunky, sludge penetrates your soul and rocks you to the core of both testicles. rock on Dresden


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