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Friday, March 23, 2012

Heavy Planet Podcast March 2012: The Emerald Isle

Each month Heavy Planet brings you some of the most killer bands from all around the world. This month we will be bringing you some of the most rad sounds that have come from the Emerald Isle. From mind-numbing doom, to fuzzed-out Stoner Rock and plain old ass-kicking Hard Rock, this month's podcast shows why Ireland is no slouch when it comes to laying down some killer tuneage. Please tune in this Sunday 3/25/2012 from 4:00 PM EST to 6:00 PM EST to hear the podcast on Grip of Delusion Radio.

The Emerald Isle Podcast

"DJ" Reg


Triggerman-The Riff Holds Sway
Realistic Train-Realistic Train
Howlin' Widow-The Dystopian Blues
Engines of Ruin-Prison Itch
Captain Landscape-Space Puppies
Haieeta-Neutral Cryptum
Mongolia-Stoned Nomad
The Cosmonaut-One Star
Saturnalia-Cosmic Spectrums
Acrid Nebula-Born With Teeth
People of the Monolith-Frozen
Weed Priest-Walpurgia
Two Tales of Woe-City of Doom
Brigantia-Time Machine of Doom
Vintras-The Wanderer
Wizards of Firetop Mountain-Onwards Towards the Sun
Half Shot-Couldn't Back Down
Lace Weeper-Get in Line
Thin Lizzy-Emerald
Gary Moore-End of the World

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  1. Hi folks...here's the promo video for the Triggerman track,"The Riff Holds Sway"...enjoy!!



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