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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - The Gypsy Bangles/ Your Protected

The Gypsy Bangles: Women & Whiskey

The Gypsy Bangles, the first of many Double Dose's of 2012. The Gypsy Bangles are a classic metal / retro-rock outfit from Australia. Fueled from the sounds of the late '70s, The Gypsy Bangles are filled with a soulful and blues inspired Rock 'N Roll sound. Influences draw from the likes of Free, The Allman Brothers, and John Lee Hooker. All which come together fluidly... making a great post-New Years, hang-over recovery soundtrack. Be sure to give my personal favorite tune a listen, 'Love and Light'.

"Drinking gin's where it all begins..." -They Gypsy Bangles, Alcohol


Alcides Stowe - Drums
Gabrielle De Giorgio - Organ / Keys
Kegan De Boheme - Guitar / Vocals

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Your Protected

Our second hit couldn't be more different than the first of this weeks Double Dose. Your Protected are a Welsh group of instrumental post-rockers. Finding inspiration from legends Tool, and soon to be legends Baroness, Your Protected produce a heavy atmosphere adrift in technicality and passion. Analogous to bands like Scale the Summit, Your Protected's 'voice-less' tunes are not background or ambient music. Your Protected are plentiful in their elaborate song structures leaving no need for lyrics to reveal their tale. Be sure to give Your Protected a closer listen at bandcamp, where the album is streaming in its entirety.


Chris Tookey - Guitar
James Tottle - Guitar
James White - Bass
Michael Edwards - Drums

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