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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot Potato Syndrome-New Band To Burn One To

Heavy Planet presents...today's "New Band To Burn One To" Hot Potato Syndrome!


Hot Potato Syndrome are the members of different bands from the city of Athens (Gr) who came together and decided to explore the call of the wild and the mentality of those who succumb to it.A music place where one can quite possibly find one's self,but also discovering the dark possibility that we might find our own strange nature,working always as a team.

You can download their demo for free here (Mp3)

Band Members:

Xristodoulos– Drums
David– Bass


"For some reason, Heavy Planet ranks higher in Greece than any other country in the world and we thank you for that. For that reason I receive a ton of bands from that region of the world. With that being said, Hot Potato Syndrome from Athens, Greece is one of the latest bands to submit to us. One thing is for certain, this band is all about the groove. The songs on their latest EP get funky and a bit psychedelic, but for the most part envelope the listener in equal parts bass-driven stoner rock and a nineties aggressive groove rock mentallity."
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  1. Thank you guys so much!Keep up the good work.....


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