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Friday, October 21, 2011



VAAR are a three piece out of Santa Cruz, California. We began in March of 2011, recorded a 25 minute, 3 song EP by the beginning of June 2011, and made it a free download on Bandcamp. Over the last month we've been getting decent exposure in California, but MORE exposure in the UK.

Nate Kotila - Bass / Vocals
Brian Rucker - Drums
Travis Howe - Guitar / Vocals / Noise

You'll be tempted to look over your shoulder for a Mothman or perhaps a swarm of hornets, but Vultures At Arms Reach's +)))((()))((()))((()))- soon enough drops guitar doom as a break to the incessant flaps. Blood's distant gasps and Max Cavalera howls quickly swell your skull and counter the troubling, patient waves of noise. The mood grows ominous and you begin to wonder just what impact this solid three-track EP is gonna have on your frame.

To call Vultures At Arms Reach noise is probably unfair. The sounds are well-executed and the instrumentation is seasoned.
VAAR is pensive, warbling, and ultimately beautifully sad. The track builds on itself and takes a few breaths, proving this band's strength to be their organic approach to the deep and the dark. The whispers and screams are balanced, licks grind and fight against rhythms, and the denouement firmly holds a cadence that's unmatched.

+)))((()))((()))((()))- is 25 haunting and atmospheric minutes that soar, drift, and march to the beat of an otherworldly ocean of sound. Spend some time with this one and see where you're taken. You may find yourself losing track of time, needing less sleep, and fantasizing about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell. (Oh, and these tracks are free at the bandcamp link below).

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  1. highly recommended! also published to my blog.


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