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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Wreck and Reference

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Wreck and Reference.


Wreck and Reference is three years and is not the becoming of dreams. The angst of early malignant bodies, growing from dissatisfaction of the glossy and apparent, brings down a heavy and sullen blow. An obstacle presents itself true and wide, a collar of lace and aged, yellowing trimmings of a forgotten bride surround the neck.

The biggest craters are existential: an organism’s lack of free will, ...alienation, and fated death. Wreck and Reference is mimicry of those undesirables and more which can only be drowned along with the conscious self. As Gottlob Frege’s 1892 exposition Über Sinn und Bedeutung, translated as On Sense and Reference, was the foundation of predicate logic, Wreck and Reference is the foundation of man, purified and alone, pitted against collusion of the modern washing away in metallic paints. At the intersection of determinism and the booze soaked wasteland of California, a sole fire consumes the air that the organism breathes.

The end, to which Wreck and Reference burrows in a relentless fashion, is replicative but irrational like the wolf in the throne room. Each jump falls short and when the body rises back to its feet the chasm widens. The dissolution of atoms and their retreat into the universe lay ominous and prostrate on top of a chest where they stifle breath.

Calling themselves "electrodoom", California's Wreck and Reference use electronic synthesizers and various samples to bludgeon the listener's aural cavity. Despite the lack of guitars/bass the band orchestrates a surprisingly pleasant lo-fi adaption of drone/doom. This cacophony of sounds may be offputting to some because of the non-traditional concept, but the band melds bleakness and despair with tortured vocals and a very raw production to sound very familiar.  Give their latest "Black Cassette" a listen, then buy it!

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