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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Heavy Burner

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Heavy Burner.


Heavy Burner is a three piece band from Central Virginia. Formed in
2010, the band draws from their influences ranging from 60s and 70s
psychadelic rock to punk and metal. After a dozen or so live
performances prone to off the cuff jams and ear-bleeding volumes, the
band recorded with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios on April 7, 2011.
These "demos" are a live representation of the band's diverse and wide
range of soundscapes. From the swelling, thunderous narration of
surfing misadventures on "Hang Loose" to the dreamy drug trance of
"Mother Pearl", these tracks are indicative of a raw, stripped down
band on the verge of a new interpretation of heavy music.

Cool laid back stoner rock jams from Central Virginia. As evidenced by the following track "Hang Loose", the influences are no secret. With screaming guitar solos, bass heavy grooves and vocal phrasing eerily reminiscent of J. Garcia, Heavy Burner also adds a touch of psychedelia to round out their killer sound. Check out the track "Mother Pearl" as well which is a full-on retro jam session. Hopefully the band has more music in the works as there are only two tracks to listen to on Facebook.

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