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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - Low Man

As also seen on The Soda Shop
Today's New Band To Burn One To is Low Man.
Low Man is made up of...

Alex Byers: Guitar
Evan Flaherty: Drums
Luke Rifugiato: Guitar / Vocals
J.z.: Bass / Vocals

...and began playing music in October 2010. J.z. initially met Luke and Byers while playing with his Americanacore/swamp-blues/goth-country band, The Bad Faith Compromise, two years earlier. During a night in fall 2008, Bad Faith shared a crowded, freezing basement in South Oakland once with a glam-blues-rock/something-or-other band called The Fingers. Apparently, Evan, who was in MIDDLE FUCKING SCHOOL at the time, was in attendance at the show, which is really weird to think about.

Fast-forward two years: Evan's voice had finally dropped, J.z. had grown some grey hairs in his goatee, and Luke and Byers were still playing music together, long after The Fingers had ended. Moving back to Pittsburgh and wanting to start a band, J.z. asked his old buddy Luke what he was up to, musically. The Italian Stallion had already started a thing with Byers and Evan that was only lacking a bassist, and J.z. just happened to own a bass. So he got Paul-ed into it, but at least there was a band to be had.

Now we play shows whenever people want us to. If you want us to, just get in contact with us on with the info on our Contact page. We like making music and we like you too, so we should get together and make out or something. You're welcome in advance, we're clean. No worries.
These guys have something good going on and show a promising future. They have that whole hard rock, desert rock, and anything Josh Homme has/is involved in. Check them out on the player below. If you like it, it's a free download. Hit them up on Facebook and their other sites and show em some love.

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