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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - In The Silence

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Today's New Band To Burn One To is In The Silence

Ethereal, haunting, beautiful, spiritual...dark and heavy, epic music, combining the intensity of heavy, complex guitars and drums, with the melody and atmosphere of psychedelic, goth, and post-rock genres. Lyrics that are mysterious, spiritual, poetic, backed by music that is dynamic and powerful, designed to transport you away, or send chills down your spine. In the Silence in its physical manifestation began to take form in 2008, when Guitarist/Songwriter/vocalist Josh Burke recruited the insanely creative and talented drummer Niko Panogopoulos, followed soon after by bassist and debauched mystic, Dennis Davis. 2 songs were recorded in October 2008-Endless Sea, and All the Pieces. Guitarist Nathan Higgins joined shortly after the first two shows, and his tasty leads and sonic expertise made the band almost whole. But, there was one piece
missing-the ethereally beautiful pianist/keyboardist Maureen Rhines. Having played with Josh and Dennis in goth-metal band Aetheria, she eagerly moved back to the US from a 5 year stint in Australia and joined the band in spring 2009. While myspace allowed the band to gain fans in countries as far as Czech Republic, Brazil, and Japan, the dirty work of gigging began at home, in Sacramento's bars, cafe's and an arts festival with over 3000 people in attendance. In August 2009 2 more songs were recorded at The Track Shack-Serenity and 17 Shades, but never finished, due to a car accident that nearly killed Maureen. Fortunately, she recovered, and 2010 was a rewarding year, with an ever more enthusiastic crowd response each time the band played, and compliments from peers along the lines of
"No shit, you guys are the Best local band I've heard in two years," -David Jane, musician, Sacramento News & Review cover artist
"If this is what Sacramento sound like, I want to move there," Kieran Rossi , Piratecatradio.com
The band is currently beginning recording of their first full album.

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