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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Amputators

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Amputators.


"Amputators were formed in 2007 in the ski town of Steamboat Springs Colorado by singer/harmonica Keith Thibodeau, and drummer Pete Owen. Thibodeau, most notably from the New England based band Suicide Contest who, after 6 years of playing in venues around the Northeast opening for such bands as Fu Manchu, Nebula, Dukes of Nothing, Scissorfight, Roadsaw, Rev. Horton Heat, REO Speedealer, etc. and putting out 2 full lengths, called it quits in 2005 as Thibodeau moved to Colorado . Pete Owen having played in various Denver bands such as Derailed, Fatwater, Evil Hick joined forces and the quest to find competent and tasteful heavy rock musicians led them to guitarist Wes Fout. Originally from Glenwood Springs Colorado, Wes has been playing drums/guitar and singing in bands for the past 9 years (since he was 14) and most notably having played drums in the band Ick. The bass was filled by Noah Laplante, who had apparently been shredding his acoustic guitar in his trailer between laying tile and making snow at the ski area for several years, the transition to bass proved effortless for such a naturally talented guitarist and the Amputators were born. Their first show was a small opening slot at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, which despite multiple equipment failures, landed them a slot opening for skate punk legends, Agent Orange as what was to be their second show. Since then, they have played all around Colorado as well as New York City, Boston, sharing stages with Bible of the Devil, Mess With The Bull, and  We’re All Gonna Die, etc..
Drawing from a wide range of musical influences such as Rock, Punk, Blues, Rockabilly, and 70’s Metal, the Amputators are influenced by many bands but, Kyuss, Melvins, Orange Goblin, Sleep/High On Fire are modern era bands most revered. Punk bands like The Dwarves, Misfits, GG Allin, The Mummies and Bad Brains have also had an undeniable sway over the band, and may also be heard within the Amputators bag of tricks. Dylan Weber , having formally played in bands with Wes Fout was added as a second guitar and debuted on Christmas 2011. The band can noticeably be seen having a good time on stage and have been known to on occasion sport bloody doctors garb as per their band name. Amputators released their first full length, self titled album in October of 2008 which was met with positive reviews and elation by their quickly growing fan base. Recording of their second album is scheduled for fall of 2011."

Amputators are first and foremost a punk rock band. Add to that some smokin' bluesy harmonica, fuzzy riffs, a little psycobilly and a huge sense of humor (at least I hope so) and you get one pretty amazing band. This band is obnoxious, immature, and beligerent plus you gotta love the band members names: El Doctor- vocals & mouth harp, Dr. Hans Loptoff-drums, Dr. Hack Limbslee-bass, Dr. Russel T.(Rusty) Scalpels-lead guitar, Machete-rhythm guitar. Are you ready for a good ass-whoopin? Hells yeah!



  1. These guys fucking tear it up....good people to boot!



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