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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To- 2 Ton Yakama

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is 2 Ton Yakama.

The band was formed on April 2010 during a Metallica concert in Panama. Drummer "Yigo" Manzo reunited with guitar player Pedro "Anguila" Caicedo in the middle of the crowd after almost 15 years. Inmediately they set up a jamming date and that´s how it happened.
Maelin Caicedo, bass player and Tavo Colindres, vocals joined the band that same week and started to jamm. At the beggining it was clear that they wanted to make original stuff so no covers were never involved in the process. All seasoned musicians they started to write music of their own with clear influences of their favorite bands such as Slayer, Motorhead, Deep Purple, Cactus, Clutch, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Anthrax etc, etc.

After a few rather "fast" weeks, the band had almost 7 songs finished and ready to roll. So by July 3rd 2010 the guys were playing their first gig, opening for local band THENIA....great reviews from that first show gave 2 TON YAKAMA the confidence to keep going.....by the end of 2010 there is a line up change in the band and founding member, drummer Rodrigo "YIGO" Manzo is replaced by experience drummer TONY SINCLAIR.

Several shows later the guys participate on the 2011 WAKEN OPEN AIR METAL BATTLE PANAMA....an eliminatory gig where the winner will go to Costa Rica and "fight" with other LatinAmerican bands for a spot to open for MOTORHEAD in Costa Rica and play WAKEN OPEN AIR 2011 in Germany.

2 TON YAKAMA enden up in 2nd place by a 2 point margin difference against the winner...25 year veterans CABEZA DE MARTILLO. It is a great deal for 2 TON YAKAMA that only after 11 months and 2 weeks after it´s formation now it´s considered one of the top bands in Panama.

 2 TON YAKAMA has recorded in different formats several songs (9 of them) are posted in their Myspace page, Reverbnation and thru Facebook., currently they have 22 finished songs and they are working hard with local producer DAVID COLINDRES on what will be their first album.

For 2011 the guys are aiming to start playing outside Panama and have a couple of gigs in the region. Costa Rica and Colombia will be the first countries to experience 2 TON YAKAMA´s music. Althought it´s difficult for the band since all of these plans are self financed.

2 TON YAKAMA will be playing every possible gig in Panama City while they promote their music internationally thru every possible channel hoping for a producer or label takes notice on their talent.  If that ever happens or not....it´s no problem since the band only wants to play LIVE no matter what...in front of 1 person or 1 million...it´s no difference...KEEP IT METAL!!!

Unfortunately, there are no songs available on any of 2 Ton Yakama's websites, but they did send me a song to make available as a free download to the listeners of Heavy Planet. Their sound can be described as riff-driven Stoner Metal with lyrics sung in Spanish. Visit their follwing sites and let them know you want to hear more.

Listen: 2 Ton Yakama-Mi Primer Veneno

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