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Sunday, April 3, 2011


The 2011 March Bandness Championship game features from Corpus Christi, TX a band with a Stoner Rock groove and a Southern Rock swagger Switchblade Jesus. They will be pitted up against Cleveland, OH Doom Metal giants Threefold Law. When the tournament began nobody would have ever have imagined these two bands fighting it out for the 2011 March Bandness "world" title. Switchblade Jesus came into the tournament as a #7 seed in the Sludge/South Region. Their path to the championship went like this:

1st Round-Defeated #10 seed Last Rizla
2nd Round- Defeated #16 seed Elvis Deluxe
Sweet Sixteen-Defeated huge tournament favorite #3 seed King Giant
Elite Eight- Defeated #8 Shroud Eater
Final Four-Defeated Stoner Rock/West Region winner #16 seed Propane Propane

Some pretty pretty amazing bands where eliminated by Switchblade Jesus in their quest for the championship.

Threefold Law has also had an amazing run to the title game as well. Threefold Law entered into the Psychedelic/North Region as a #13 seed. Many believed Threefold Law to be the darkhorse of the tournament. Here is Threefold Law's path to the Championship game:

1st Round- Defeated #4 seed Mendozza
2nd Round- Defeated #5 Blaxeed
Sweet Sixteen- Defeated #1 seed Burn Blue Sky
Elite Eight- Defeated #3 seed Goliathon
Final Four- Defeated Doom/East Region winner #12 seed Strange Haze (formerly known as Whooping Crane)

Threefold Law had to beat the #1, #3, #4, and #5 seeded teams in their region to make it to this point. What a truly remarkable feat.

So that leads us to this awesome matchup, Switchblade Jesus vs. Threefold Law in an epic battle for Stoner/Doom Supremacy in the 2011 March Bandness tournament.

Reminder: Voting ends on 4/4/2011 at 10:00 PM EST.


Who Will Win This Matchup?
Switchblade Jesus
Threefold Law

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Thanks to all the fans and bands that voted in this tournament. It was a huge success for both Heavy Planet and The Soda Shop. We hope that the bands gained a few extra fans along the way and the fans as well as the bands were able to hear a band they would not have heard otherwise.
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