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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Kamikaze Test Pilots

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Kamikaze Test Pilots.


Kamikaze Test Pilots origins are deeply rooted in Africa and their music shows this. Two of their founding members Ryan and Wes grew up in a little hick mining towns in Zimbabwe that only allowed for two things - boredom and numerous incidents of sunburn owed as much to the boredom as to a youthful phobia of hats.

The journey that has been the life of the two brothers has allowed them to cross the path of many rich and colourful characters including Simon Buckett, the band’s Bassist and Andy Galloway, the guitarist. Both bring their own flavour to the music making the band an original interpretation of the crossroads where many a musician has either lost or found his or herself.

The bands music draws it's inspiration from many sources, skirting around the fringes of the indie music genre, finding a harder edge that satifies the metal heads who dont mind a bit of groove, and not forgetting the deeply spiritual African music that will always be a part of Kamikaze Test Pilots.

On stage their show is both energetic and animated, all dreadlocks and smiles and good times that by a strange osmosis infuses into the audience. Kamikaze Test Pilots are a group of contradictions that work well when they should not. They are a band that is as versatile as it is diverse just like the people that follow them. It takes a special person to survive being a Kamikaze Test Pilot, and there is not doubt that this foursome are genuinely special. This band rocks! Definitely go see em live!

Wow is all I can say, Kamikaze Test Pilots from the UK are a very interesting band. Think of a mix of the quirkiness of System of a Down, mix in some African rythyms and douse it with the occasional stoner rock groove. Very eclectic for sure.

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  1. I spend much of my life discovering new unsigned bands on the internet, both for fun and profit, and Kamikaze Test Pilots are one of very few bands I've come across through work that I immediately went to iTunes and bought both their releases. F****n' brilliant! http://www.liveunsigned.com/Kamikaze_Test_Pilots/


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