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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Hotel Wrecking City Traders

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Hotel Wrecking City Traders.


Ben - one drumkit
Toby - one guitar

"Hotel Wrecking City Traders (HWCT) have been dislodging earwax, busting strings and sticks and blowing minds since 2007. HWCT are an instrumental noise rock duo with a heavy focus on improvisation and a love of loud volume and the psychedelic. The band has to date released an EP (2007) a full length album ‘Black Yolk’ (2008) and the brand new 7” ‘Somer/Wantok’. All through Bro Fidelity Records (Australia).

HWCT have played shows with the likes of: Om (USA), Ten East (USA), Zeni Geva (Japan), Black Cobra (USA), Earthless (USA), Monarch (Fr), Grey Daturas (Aust), Nunchukka Superfly (Aust), Budd (Aust), Winnebago Deal (UK), The Hard-Ons (Aust), Electric Eel Shock (Jpn), Ryouchi (Jpn), Teratova (Jpn), My Disco (Aust).

Ben Wrecker also joined Oxford two piece punk n' rollers Winnebago Deal (UK) on drums as a last minute stand-in on their debut tour of Australia in 2008 . Winnebago Deal returned to Australia again the following year with HWCT in support once again.

HWCT entered the studio last September to record the follow up to 2008’s ’Black Yolk (due for release later in 2010) as well as their first collaborative effort - featuring Gary Arce (Yawning Man/Ten East). An offer from Gary that eventuated from HWCT supporting Ten East on tour in Australia -Due for release later this year on Bro Fidelity Records. In the meantime they set about recording 2 new tracks, which would become the ’Somer/Wantok’ 7”, released Bro Fidelity Records. The two tracks were recorded with local engineer Jack Farley (Beaches, Spider Vomit) forcing the band to shorten their typically longer and building sounds in order to fit onto the time limitations of a 7” release. It will be stocked in selected indie retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as being available for mail order as well as various distributors in both the U.S.A, & Europe. It features a deluxe gold foil-embossed band logo and is limited to 300 copies only.

In June of 2010, Ben Wrecker was invited to play drums for Mondo Generator (USA). Nick Oliveri's (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss) longstanding solo project, on a 25 date US Tour with openers Tweak Bird (USA). Unfortunately sickness of one of the members prevented the tour from going ahead. HWCT will release the collaboration album with Gary Arce (Yawning Man) early in 2011 on Bro Fidelity, with distribution in the USA via Cobraside Distribution. Stay Tuned...."

Do you like it loud???... Yeah, I thought so. Hotel Wrecking City Traders brutal brand of improvisational noise rock will make you scream for more. It is amazing the huge wall of sound that the band can achieve with minimal instrumentation. The songs flow effortlessly between shifting rhythyms and innovative song structures and some well placed stoner rock grooves. The music is expansive and is aurally challenging, but once you open your mind to the psychedelic moments and doom-oriented riffing everything comes together rather nicely. You can listen to some of their music on their Bandcamp page now.

MySpace|Official|Facebook|Bandcamp|Bro Fidelity


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