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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-VYGR

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is VYGR.

Blending the drone and gloom of bands such as Cult of Luna, Mare, and Neurosis with downtuned riffs reminiscent of Crowbar and Old Man Gloom, this northeastern five-piece adds their own experimental, space-oriented flare to a genre that prides itself on aesthetically crushing tones and sonic passages.

Having spent the last few years supporting their critically acclaimed self-titled EP in the Northeastern region of the United States, VYGR has certainly made waves in the underground doom and metal communities. In early 2010, the band released a split 12” with the almighty MONOLITH, an effort that showcases the group’s more experimental tendencies.

The band is set to release their full-length album "Hypersleep" January 25, 2011 on Creator Destructor Records.  A track from the record entitled “Shapeshifters” is now available to stream at VYGR’s bandcamp website: http://vygr.bandcamp.com/

The band entered Planet Z studios with acclaimed Producer Zeuss (Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, Arsis) in Massachusetts for the production of “Hypersleep”. Guitarist PJ Mion states: “Working with Zeuss was a great experience for us. From the start he was on board with wanting to capture our live sound, getting everything to sound huge while avoiding the use of click tracks/sound replacement/re-amping etc. that seems to increasingly be the norm for most 'heavy' music these days. The end result is a heavy, spaced out metal record that actually sounds like it was played by human beings. Coinciding with this release we're planning for a much more active show schedule, always playing as loud as humanly possible."

VYGR is a force to be reckoned with. The band leaves a trail of destruction behind with their pulverizing blend of hardcore spaced-out ambient sludge metal.


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