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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Les Guenilles

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Les Guenilles.


"The band was formed in 2008 by David and Francois. They splitted both of they're own bands to form Les Guenilles which means The Rags in french. Their sound is described like a mix of stoner, punk and thrash. They've been compared to The Melvins, Trigger Effects, etc. They released their first EP (5 songs) in 2009. Their first album, Aucun Album, was released in 2010 which contains 11 songs. Produced by Pierre Girard (Malajube, Beast, Karkwa), Aucun Album appeared on the top 40 list of the best canadian albums of 2010 by Bande a Part, Radio-Canada (CBC). Les Guenilles shared the stage with bands like Burning Brides, The Pack AD, Priestess, Bison BC, The Sainte-Catherines and lots more. Lots of people claim that they're the loudest french band in the whole province of Quebec."

The band:

Simon Gauthier: bass

David Guilbault: guitar, vocals
Jonathan Bigras: drums
Francois Gagnon: guitar, vocals

When I think of Canada, I immediately think of two things, Rush and hockey. As I was listening to Les Guenilles the first thing I though was this does not sound anything like Rush and second, this would be the perfect soundtrack to a hockey game. Stoner/Thrash with a punk mentallity. Fast, furious, and blood-soaked. So go grab yourself a Molsen, turn on a hockey game and let the fun begin. Go to the band's Bandcamp site to stream the album for free, if you like it buy it! Word of caution. Everything is in French, but rock 'n roll is the universal language, right. You guys are gonna love this shit!


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