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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Druid Lord

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Druid Lord.


"Formed in early 2010 by Pete Slate and Stephen Spillers, Druid Lord quickly gained the attention of many in the metal scene. Initially, Druid Lord set out to self-release a 4 song EP but due to interest by labels and fans decided to proceed with a full length cd. Recently signed to HPGD Productions, Druid Lord have just released "Hymns for the Wicked" on Oct. 31st of 2010. In addition to joining Druid Lord on bass & vocals recently, long time friend and band member Tony Blakk is handling the engineering of this deadly release. Fans of doom and old-school death metal are already hailing this release as one of the best offerings to surface in ages. Druid Lord, interestingly enough, is comprised of three of the members of the '92-'99 line-up of another well-regarded death metal act from Florida, Equinox. Pete Slate honed his skills as a member of Incubus, Acheron, Massacre and Kauldron . Tony Blakk gained respect and recognition with bands such as Acheron, Apostasy and Diabolic. Stephen Spillers was a founding member of Equinox and recorded numerous releases with the band including "Return to Mystery", "Journey into Oblivion" and "As the Moon Swallows the Sun"."

Druid Lord from Orlando, FL have just released an amazing collection of what you could call Death Doom. Citing influences ranging from Cirith Ungol to doom legends Pentagram, the band takes doom and despair to a new level. The music would have made the perfect soundtrack to a creepy horror flick from the seventies. The plodding tempo and blistering riffs along with death vocals make this band one to look out for. The band is currently streaming their latest CD "Hymns For the Wicked" on their Bandcamp site. Make sure to purchase their merch if you dig the band.

Check out a few reviews of the album at the followings websites.



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