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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Band To Burn One To - Bridge Farmers

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Today's New Band To Burn One to is Bridge Farmers.
Bridge Farmers play sludgy, psychedelic blues metal (that's a mouthful I know) ... imagine something like Muddy Waters sitting in with Mastodon?
"Din of Celestial Birds" is 6 songs of reverb-heavy Southern metal recorded at Frenchie Smith's The Bubble studio.

Bridge Farmers came together when our heroes where first drawn to a distant light in the desert. They followed this light for days and then it stopped and hung in the air over a abandoned spaceship. Not knowing what to do, they looked up towards the light and then it lit up the sky and knocked our heroes into a state of slumber. When they awoke they began to play rock-n-roll and spread their love of music throughout the land.......and they hope to see you along this journey. ..
I'll throw in my 2 cents and say that this band has a bit of a softer side but not to much. Don't expect to much sludge, you get some but you get more psychedelic blues metal then anything. The 6 track EP, which can be streamed in its entirety over at Bandcamp, is pretty damn impressive and makes me wish I had the money to travel to Texas to catch these guys live. Stream it then buy it, it's a keeper.

Get this album from Bandcamp

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