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Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Tricorn

The "New Band To Burn One To' today is Tricorn.

Rising from the UK’s south coast underground music scene, Tricorn emerges with a powerful driven sound, capturing the feeling from the stoner and Hard Rock genres. The result is an impressive demonstration of “in-your-face “ adrenaline fuelled southern rock riffs that grab you from the first note and just won’t let go.

Influenced by bands such as Kyuss, Fu-Manchu, Black Sabbath and the early 90’s grunge movement, their music generates a back-to-basics simplistic formula combined with an overdose of vulgar low tuned guitars and ear bleeding drums.

The band’s impressive live performances were quickly spread out through the word of mouth and have made them an established headlining act through the UK and other European countries such as Greece and Germany. Now with their Debut Album out, it's time for the public to hear themselves what this Stoner/Hard Rock band is all about.

"Stoner Rock on steroids. Tricorn blasts their way through each song with power, groove and melody. A truly great album for any fan of the heavy rock genre."-Reg

What others are saying:

"...Tricorn's sound is in your face with a steel toe boot rock. If you’re not careful, you may end up with one in your ass after listening to it...", "...Life Again is an epic song and it’s one that I can even see making it to mainstream radio...", "...this would be a great album to blast with the windows open or top down as you speed down the highway..." The Soda Shop
"...Tricorn’s adrenaline-filled formula has out stayed its welcome on the South Coast, and should now be docking in every corner of the globe. This is an album that any lover of the rock or metal genre needs in their collection, an awesome slab of blistering modern day rock..." Chybucca Sounds



  1. Great Band ,great tunes, great sound what else can we say mates!!! XXX

  2. its da shit!! these guys really kick some ass !!

  3. excellent band live, loads of energy, powerful hard rock + great guys!


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