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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Ride The Sun

I first heard Ride the Sun on the PlanetFuzz.com compilation Cowbells and Cobwebs. They were one of the bands that quickly grabbed by attention. What you have here is a band from California that takes 70's hard rock influences and combines it with fuzzed-out desert rock and a bit of southern rock. The grooves are tight and the riffs are tasty. Even though Ride the Sun is the "New Band To Burn One To" today, these tunes make me want to crack open a beer and crank this fucker to 11. The band has their 5-song EP available now, so get on over to their MySpace page and hear for yourself.

What others are saying:

"A lot of people would argue that the 1970′s was the best time for hard rock music. Normally I’d agree but right now I’ve have to say that now is the best time from music. Why? Well today’s bands take those influences from the 70′s, mix it with what they have now. Call it modernization, call it progress. I call it Ride The Sun. This 5 track EP gets ass kicking with the first track, “Ride” (which is also on the Cowbell & Cobwebs compilation) and doesn’t stop until the last second of the last track, “Goin’ Down.” It’s a hard, heavy and fast EP. You’ll definitely want to crank up the volume on this one." -The Soda Shop


"Ride The Sun, based in San Diego, California, play a retro-sounding blend of raunchy loud rock.

The unsigned quartet of: Lydell Arboleda (guitar and vocals), Josh Caldwell (guitar and vocals), Kip Page (bass) and Dominic Caltagirone (drums), wear their influences as badges of honour, while chugging beer and shaking their money-makers.

‘Goin’ Down’ is an example of straightforward hard rock, that was being pressed to vinyl in the mid-70s. The Gibson gritty blues, pioneered by ZZ Top, sets the album alight.

‘Compadre’ continues the gutsy blues-tinged, southern rock affair, while ‘Livin’ Wrong’ adds thick, stoner-friendly grooves to the mix.

The two standout tracks however are left until the last eleven minutes of the EP. ‘Evil Reasons’ has a classic 70’s rock vibe that transports the listener back to a time where Ritchie Blackmore’s licks and solos, were commonplace.

‘Ride’ however, is a smokin’, tire burning end to the EP, blasting out southern-fried rock and brutal licks, is one of the standout rock tracks of the year.

Ride The Sun’s thick sounding, leather and denim clad style, is piping hot and should be enjoyed with a well-distilled glass or two of Tennessee whiskey."-Chybucca Sounds

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