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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - ÖfÖ AM

As Also seen on The Soda Shop
ÖfÖ Am was born as a jam band in 2007 in order to play one gig a year.
For their second gig, in 2008, Tony Bröke replaced guitarist Barbaryann them and they decided to give the band a chance to live as a real one.
After a summer of rehearsing, the band records with former guitarist Barbaryann Bouloiseau (who also recorded Superbeatnik's album) 6 tracks that will be released right after by Head Records as a 10' vinyl.
If started as a side project (at that time, Tony plays drums in Stony Broke and Illegal Process and Nico is Superbeatnik's bassist/singer), it becomes clear that ÖfÖ Am is also a really personal project as the three feel totally free to create whatever they ever wanted without limitation as they know each other for about 15 years and there are no complexes in their relationship.
The three quickly decide to remain instrumental, for them it's a new way to work on their music and it allows more freedom in tracks construction.
About a hundred gigs later, during december 2009 they cross the road of Karma to Burn (stoner rock legends – USA) and decide to share a 7'' split together, the disc will be released in march 2010 by Napalm Records (Monster Magnet, Grave Digger...).
These guys have some seriously good instrumental stoner rock. There's no reason why you shouldn't have already been listening to these guys to begin with. If you haven't, well you have no excuse now. Their influences are Motorhead, Kyuss, Hermano, Fu Manchu and Nebula among others. Check them out and make sure you order your copy of the split with Karma to Burn

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