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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Special Edition-Halloween Doom Recommendations

Since today is Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to recommend a couple of new Doom metal releases for your listening pleasure. The first release is the new album "Ritual Abuse" by the band Cough. Just by looking at the album cover you can tell that this album spews pure evil. The next album is "Take the Curse" by Ramesses. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

Cough-"Ritual Abuse"

Richmond’s COUGH delivers thoroughly massive, psychedelic doom on their aptly titled Relapse debut ‘Ritual Abuse’. The albums five epic tracks are impenetrable walls of sludge; at points suffocating and claustrophobic, at others warped and hallucinogenic. ‘Ritual Abuse’ is an impressive monolith of sound and volume, and one of the finest moments yet of 21st century doom.


Metal George Pacheco-About.com

"Bringing with them a wealth of unholy and occult atmosphere, Richmond, Virginia’s Cough have made good on their initial promise with Ritual Abuse, their debut for Relapse Records and second full-length overall.

Though it would have been easy for the band to turn on the sludge autopilot and simply wing their way with ground-tuned, ambient riffage, Cough impresses with their ability to actually keep a tempo, whilst of course remaining mercilessly slow in execution.

Thusly, the five rituals contained here never become boring or difficult to traverse, instead engaging the listener actively via the band’s inherent ability to compose active song structures with dark ‘n gloomy melodies lain atop the narrative. Guitarist David Cisco also shoots Ritual Abuse up a few notches with his varied—for this style, anyway—vocal choices, venturing from screaming demonic utterances to a sub-Pentagram wail, akin to if Bobby Liebling were being tortured by a heroin-wielding Pinhead from the Hellraiser films." (Read more...


Andy "Dinger" Beresky-Roadburn

"Lovingly pinched from Stonerrock.com: Were you disappointed with the direction that Electric Wizard took after they released Dopethrone, the album that some consider their finest moment, and perhaps the finest moment in the history of stoner doom? Do you wish they’d gone even farther into sludge and space rock territories with their new lineup?" (Read more...)


Buy: Amazon|ATIH


Ramesses-"Take the Curse"

Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses’ crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. While the percussion/guitar/bass/vokills set to work on your viscera, your head is forcibly plunged down the rabbit hole and drenched in heavy psychedelia.

Spawned in the bleak woodland of Dorset, England, this three-piece has been disfiguring the innards of its army of devoted listeners since 2003 when original Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening and guitarist Tim Bagshaw hooked up with Adam Richardson (bass + vox), formerly of Lord of Putrefaction, Spirmyard, and Hexed. In the intervening years, Ramesses have ripped an incurable wound in the metal scene.


Matt Mooring-MetalReview.com

"You know, I would have bet that Ramesses would be a household name for doom fans by now. Mind you, it’s not that I’m not a betting man, it’s just that no one seems to want to take my bets on the prospects for fame of heavy metal bands. Anyway, as I was saying, even ignoring for a moment the issue of quality, a band with two thirds of the revered Electric Wizard should raise a lot of eyebrows just on cred alone. But still Ramesses trudge along, letting loose a steady pulse of albums, EPs and splits on a variety of smaller labels, yet the wider world doesn’t seem to be paying a great deal of attention. Just maybe Take the Curse will be the final piece in the band’s Five Year Plan to break them to a bigger audience, and perhaps even land them on a bigger label that would get their albums on more store shelves." (Read more...)


JJ Koczen-StonerRock.com

"Quit your day job and sacrifice a lemur, Ramesses have a new album! And a brutal, disgusting slab of doomed madness it is. Titled Take the Curse and released through the band’s own Ritual Productions, the second Ramesses full-length follows 2007’s Misanthropic Alchemy, splits with Unearthly Trance (2009) and Negative Reaction (2004), and two EPs, 2005’s We Will Lead You to Glorious Times and 2009’s Baptism of the Walking Dead, all three tracks from which appear here as well. The Dorset band play the kind of doom your mother warned you about, the kind of doom that you lose friends over, the kind of doom where your woman leaves you because you refuse to trim your beard. The kind of doom where one backpatch just doesn’t seem to cut it. You get the point." (Read more...)


Buy: Amazon|ATIH

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