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Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Tow Truck

Today's "New Band To Burn One To" is Tow Truck. The band comes to us from the Netherlands. The band plays a down and dirty style of melodic Stoner Rock in the vein of Fu Manchu and Karma To Burn. The band has a bit of a history with many of the members coming from different musical backgrounds, (for more info click here) but bring it all together for some very catchy tunes. You can preview a few of the tracks that they have posted on their MySpace page. The band has just released an EP called "Smoke" below is a very favorable review.

"A big surprise from the Netherlands. Towtruck released their first Demo CD called SMOKE and it is a masterpiece of european Stoner Rock! Sometimes it reminds me on some CELESTIAL SEASON or CANDYBAR PLANET stuff. The opener 52xSPEED is a great Stoner Rock song, but the following, 10 minute crusher TIC (IN MY HEAD) is a masterpiece. Fat riffs mixed with brilliant clear guitars and over all thrones the mighty and melodic voice of Paolo. This is the sound Celestial Season did in their best times. HOAX POCUS is very slow and a great Doom Rock song. Especially the voice shows some comparison to the Southern Rock stuff or to melodic Down. This is the sound to smoke and lay down to relaxe. At the end a Black Sabbath like riff starts and put some speed into it! KILLER! TRAVELING DESERT is a typical Stoner song in mid-tempo. Again awesome guitar work and excellent vocals. The last song MAKIN` FRIENDS can´t hold that high standard, but that is no problem. The first four songs are awesome and maybe the best release from an european Stoner Rock bands since month. I hope this band will sign a huge deal soon!" Jochen (Daredevil)



  1. These guys seem interesting...they sound great too...great stuff!...

  2. Wow! A comment from someone other than my staff. Thank you!!!!

  3. exept its I jozz from floodstain..who sang that album and and the drums .lol but yea they kickass

  4. and you did a great job too Jozz :D


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