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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Groan

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They say the signs have been obvious to us all yet we choose to ignore them. They say the gathering of the four music makers from the four corners of Albion will signal the coming of interesting times. Choosing to ignore such talk is akin to choosing to ignore the feeling of intense sensual overload when viewing Zooey Deschanel. Spaced out medieval heavy power fuzz rock is what they give you… Embrace it… turn off the TV and embrace… let your body and brain observe and digest the otherworldly goodness that is GROAN… let your mind explode into a million crystals of righteousness…let your denim fade with honour.
That's the bio written by our latest New Band To Burn One To, Groan. Groan is a four piece from, as they put it, The Four Corners of Mercia United Kingdom. Their style is psychedelic stoner rock with some doom for polish. Their music is very warm and fuzzy and a welcome addition to anyone's collection. Their back story is very unique. Here's what they had to tell us about themselves:
Although highly unoriginal in our sound this did not stop a label in UK release our debut album earlier this week. We are an unusual band as we were formed via the internet. I was sent a PM via a website by some young chap that had some tasty riffs that he wanted me to sing over. From there it kind of got out of control to the point that we played a DOOM alldayer back in Sept with Lord Vicar and The Lamp Of Thoth and have a gig in London with Invasion and Witchsorrow this weekend. Due the fact that all four of us live in different parts of the UK it makes it hard for us all to meet up and practice...but the plus side is when we do meet up we make it worth while. Anyways..our credo is to write Sabbath sounding songs that sound catchy and have a touch of dirty psych brushed over them. Our debut album has some of this credo but we home more will shine through with our second album. We are into Standing Stones, Wizards, Witches, Dancing, Space, TIME, and rocking hard on the rock and roll freedom highway rock and roll express.
They currently have one album available for purchase. Check out their Myspace and order up a copy of the album if you like what you hear.

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