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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Chili Cold Blood

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Today's New Band To Burn One To is from Austin, Texas. The band is called Chili Cold Blood. They play southern blues rock with a little psychedelics in (listen to the tack "Chasing Amy"). They're pretty heavy and rock hard. I discovered them while listening to the latest Classic Rock Magazine music compilation. They've been around since about 2002. Here is a sample of the bands history as lited on their official website.

2002 - Ethan and Doug form the band as a two piece - just two guitars.

2002 - Blood Chili Records is formed with Art Director, Rob Story.

Summer of 2002 - Residency starts at the Poodle Dog in Austin. Occasionally (2002 thru 2005) Karen Biller and Nick Curran fill in on drums.

2004 - “Rock and Roll, Motherfucker!” is released on Blood Chili Records. (Karen Biller and Nick Curran on Drums)

2004 - Austin based radio station KOOP begins working some CCB songs into their playlists and hosting live performances in the studio.

2005 - Matt Puryear is added to the permanent lineup on drums.

2005 - “Honky Tonk Illusion” by Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins is released on Blood Chili Records

2005 - “Jesus’ Comin’ - I’m the Fuck You Up Man” is released on Blood Chili Records

2008 - Chili Cold Blood tours Alaska as Blood Country and The Moonhangers.

2008 - “Blood Country” changes their name back to “Chili Cold Blood.”

2009 - “Chili Cold Blood” is released on Blood Chili Records.

You can read everything on their official website. Hear some tunes on their Myspace and check out their store to make a purchase or 3.

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