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Sunday, October 10, 2010

As originally seen on The Soda Shop.

Our next Swedish Sunday goes to the highly liked and ultra cool band, Asteroid. A few weeks ago we ran Blowback as a band featured. On there we showed a split that Blowback put out with Asteroid. Well here today is that other half of the split.

Asteroid comes from Örebro, Örebro län Sweden. They formed in the winter of 2003. Together that have released 1 EP, one split album and 2 full length albums.

From Fuzzorama Records:

And the totally awesome band ASTEROID! Heavy, progressive and with a groove that will blow your mind! Swedish spaced out 70′s style fuzzrock at it’s best!!!

Robin Hirse – Lead Vocals, Guitar & Organs
Johannes Nilsson – Lead Vocals & Bass
Elvis Campbell - Drums

Asteroid EP (2005)

1.2029 A.D.
3.Electric Voodoo
4.On The Planet

Buy: Out of Print


Asteroid (2007)
Fuzzorama Records

01.The Great Unknown
02.Speaking To The Sea
03.Panoramic Telescope
04.The Infinite Secrets Of Planet Megladon
05.Silver Leaf
07.Little Fly
08.Strange Trip
09.Flowers And Stones
10.The 13th Witching Hour
11.Dr. Smoke

Buy: Amazon


Asteroid II (2010)
Fuzzorama Records


Buy: Amazon


Split EP with Blowback (2005)

3.Electric Voodoo
6.Walk Alone


What I’m quickly discovering about his band I’m going to call the “Asteroid process.” It happened with the Swedish band’s self-titled Fuzzorama debut, and the same seems to be holding true for the numerical follow-up, II, as well. It happens like this: you listen to an Asteroid album, and while you’re in it, the music relaxes you to a barely conscious state. You hear the laid back fuzz tones and feel as though you might melt in them. Maybe you do. And when it’s over, you say to yourself, “Golly, that was pretty good,” and you go about your day. If Asteroid set forth the band’s name as one of the brightest newcomers in 21st Century fuzz, then II confirms the potential. Like its predecessor, it is an album whose appeal will only grow with time, and I already have difficulty imagining it won’t be on my best of 2010 list. (The Obelisk)

A mini review from earlier in the year about the second album: The next release is II (2) by Asteroid. I was expecting this album to come out in the summer of 2009 after the band had announced that is was complete. I had no intention of buying the album right away. In fact I held off on buying it but eventually broke down and got it. I’m glad I did. It exceeded my expectations. They retain that signature sound that belongs to Asteroid. The album sounds like a fuzzed out jazz album minus any brass instruments. A lot of the album sounds like the last track, Dr Smoke, from their first album. The CD case is something to be seen too.


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