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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Sonic Medusa

The New Band To Burn One To today is Sonic Medusa.

Including former members of some of the genre's more prolific groups, Including:

Tom Five- NYC ( White Zombie, Angelrot ) Guitar and Vocals
Steve Darrow - L.A. ( Hollywood Rose, Rat Salad, Super Heroines etc.) Guitar
Greg Rogers- Knoxville, Tn. ( The Obsessed, Goatsnake ) Drums
Scott Renner- Wilmington , NC. ( Sourveign, Brickbat ) Bass and vocals

Sonic Medusa have just finished recording with SCOTT REEDER ( Kyuss, Unida, The Obsessed etc.) Bassist & Producer deluxe, at his So.Cal Desert Studio. Sonic Medusa has in the their fairly short existence had the pleasure of opening gigs for a few of the their own childhood fave Heavy Rock pioneers, including BLUE CHEER & PENTAGRAM. As well as a few of the better local band's of the genre, including BIGELF, ED MUNDELL (Monster Magnet), Angus Khan, Hallowed Engine amongst others. If Sonic Medusa comes your way make sure to check them out.

What others are saying about Sonic Medusa:

"Sonic Medusa is a brand-new quartet of heavy rock veterans like Greg Rogers of The Obsessed and Tom Five, who played in a sludge-metal band called Angel Rot—before joining White Zombie. (Their other guitar player has him beat though. He played with Axl in the Hollywood Rose days...) When you can get Scott Reeder to record your demo tape, you`re clearly not a band of nobodies.

And yet, this record isn`t what you`d expect of a rhythm section from Goatsnake and Sourvein. Medusa is, after all, a lot less Angel Rot and a lot more Angel Witch. (And like every other 80`s metal group, they shall now be referred to by the second word in their band name for the duration of this review.)

“Cold Wind” starts the album off in grand fashion, sounding like desert rock with some NWOBHM guitar harmonies, a sorta power metal power ballad, with a three-chord breakdown that makes you wanna scream “You`re an Angel Witch!” or some such nonsense. “Never Had a Clue” features a Steve Harris bassline with some solid double leads and a hard-hitting chorus. “Used to be Cool” sounds like Motorhead used to, albeit with more time changes, while “Knife” shows shades of Diamond Head.

“Clones” is the one true doomy standout, an old-school slice with a touch of Vitus. I half-expected “Wolf`s Prayer” to be the album-ending ballad a la “Winterdreams” from Accept`s Balls to the Wall album. (Yes, that was the first album-closing ballad that came to mind. I fuckin` love Accept...) In that regard, it doesn`t disappoint, although it`s more 90`s desert rock than 80`s Teutonic metal.

Unlike all those lamer bands that wanna bring back the bad aspects of 80`s metal *cough*Steel Panther*cough*, these guys are retro in a good way. If you prefer the Soundhouse to the Sunset Strip, keep an eye out for Medusa!" (Gruesome Greg, StonerRock`s Canadian Correspondent (TooHighToGetItRight.com)



  1. A perfect" Sonic Salad" of... Goatsnake.Rose ,
    Rats,Obsessed Heroines...with a Brickbrat of White Zombies and Hollywod Roses.... just add
    Medusa ~ Epic !

  2. This band has a New Singer now...Formerly of Angus Khan, vast improvement!


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