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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Dying Of The Light

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Today's band comes from New Zealand.

DYING OF THE LIGHT is the result of the musical partnership between Chris Rigby and Rangi Powick who met in school in the 1980s. Together they formed sludge/grind band CHAPEL OF GRISTLE in the southern metal stronghold of Christchurch and had several underground cassette releases in the mid-late 90s. After the demise of CHAPEL OF GRISTLE Chris and Rangi were at opposite ends of the country but by the mid 2000’s the duo found themselves once again in the same city and formed DYING OF THE LIGHT. Drummer JP Watson rounds out the band to a live 3 piece with crushingly heavy results.

Within the short space of time between the release of their debut EP and their first live performance in December 2009 DYING OF THE LIGHT have created quite a stir in the NZ Metal scene. The March 2010 release of their latest track “Hush” propelled the DYING OF THE LIGHT to simultaneous number 1 spots on the MySpace metal band and song charts. The buzz around DYING OF THE LIGHT is building strong as they set about carving themselves a unique space on the musical landscape.

The April issue of New Zealand music periodical Real Groove magazine gave the EP a 4 out of 5 star rating, calling it “Compelling… bleak… caustic” and “a welcome addition to the this country’s heavy music landscape”.

20-year-old fan from Invercargill says:
“DYING OF THE LIGHT are fucking amazing. You all HAVE to check out their EP. It's brilliant. I don't know what genre it is, but it's Doom of some kind, as well as epic in the first degree”.
My take is this. These guys play a brutal down tempo style doom/grindcore music. It's brutal, very brutal. Just listening to the music by itself you'll feel like you got your ass kicked. Not for the faint of heart so make sure grandma and grandpa have taken their meds and went to bed before playing it out loud.

Dying Of The Light Myspace

Dying Of The Light Facebook

Dying Of The Light Last.FM

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