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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Cease

Special Monday Edition: "New Band To Burn One To"

Hey guys! I have a great band for you to check out today. The band is called Cease and they hail from Perth, Australia. They are one of those bands that really have no classification. You get some Drone/Doom/Experimental/Noise, etc, etc. and they do it very well. Below is an awesome review of their latest album "Cicada".


Pierre Francois, Hellridemusic.com

"“How to decipher Cease’s music??” –That’s what I first thought. People always need to put words on everything so as to feel comfortable and be able to impress friends at parties by name-dropping trendy sub-genres they don’t understand but swear they’ve been following this very movement since day one. Screw that! Cease is a brain-fuck. Take it as pretty much indescribable with our human language and also, that they will mess around with your brains when they play live!. By the way, this 3 piece all-instrumental jam band (known for their long and drony/noisy improves) hails from Perth (Western Australia).

Cease are a one of a kind band yet to be rivaled by another of their class. Imagine Chris Hiakus starting a band with (a really angry) Massive Attack and someone from Buried at Sea on guitars. - this is obviously a stupid analogy that I maybe should have kept to myself-. Thing is, you cannot put words on this music. I just know it’s good. Local street press awkwardly associated them with the “shoegaze” movement. I disagree. We’re talking drone?doom?post-rock? I just have no clue.

The four tracks of this first full length could well be one big 40 minute song, as they naturally flow into one another. Tribal at times, drony and relentless at others -the guitars are merely used to distract you from the mesmerizing cycles of that bass/drums engine – with heavy use of fuzz and space-out effects. This an “Are You Experienced?” kind of voyage you are about to embark on, just in 2009 , on acid and a whole lot heavier.

Beware though…This is not an album for massive-riff-oriented people (hope you like repetitiveness as much as I do). Cease certainly does not rush things. They take their sweet time. And you might as well enjoy it, because if you ever see them live, every gig is a rebirth for Cease. And that is one aspect I like about these guys. They managed to evolve from a pretty noisy/improv’/psych genre (circa 2007) into something new, without losing their identity, that is playing and recording without knowing what you’re gonna end up with. They even got heavier with time!

The artwork of “Cicada” is also really professional and just beautiful. If it’s marketable as a concept album, maybe an animal documentary show should get in touch with them, as listening to this album feels like going through the life-cycle of a Cicada: from larva to ashes…"
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  1. In constant rotation in the car CD player. Driving my wife crazy with the monotony! I love it :)


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