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Monday, March 15, 2010

Black Sabbath-Gods Of Doom

There is no secret that my favorite band of all-time is Black Sabbath. Recently, I took the time to pay tribute to the band by writing a lens about them on Squidoo. It details the history of the band from the Ozzy years to their current Heaven & Hell lineup. I will continue to add more to it as it is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy it.

Black Sabbath-The Most Influential Heavy Metal Band Of All-Time

Black Sabbath is my favorite band of all-time, and this lens is my personal tribute to them. On this lens I will provide a history of the band from the early days to their current lineup as well as news, videos, and other cool things Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath has influenced everyone from The Smashing Pumpkins to Pantera. They can also be credited for laying the groundwork for the Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal and Sludge Metal genres. Lamb of God's Chris Adler said: "If anybody who plays heavy metal says that they weren't influenced by Black Sabbath's music, then I think that they're lying to you. I think all heavy metal music was, in some way, influenced by what Black Sabbath did." Therefore, in my opinion, Black Sabbath is heavy metal, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. (Read more...)

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