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Monday, January 11, 2010

Album Of The Week-"The Indian Tower"-Pearls and Brass (2006)

I decided to go back a few years for this one. If you have never heard Pearls and Brass before then you have really been missing out. Pearls and Brass concoct a brilliant blend of soulful, blues-inspired classic rock, along with math-rock complexity and crushing riffs. That is why I am making their sophomore album "Indian Tower" the "Album Of The Week". You got to check this one out!


"Following up their stoner rock self-titled debut on the Doppelganger label, Nazareth, PA-based Pearls and Brass are true sons of heavy, zoned-out sludge rock. Their Drag City debut, Indian Tower, is all fire, crunch, and burn. Their arrangements are a little busy, full of semi-intricate twists and turns on the title track, but the groove is solid, hard, and fluid. The band's willingness to engage more spaced-out fare, such as chanted backing vocals and minor-to-major key shifts, is appealing. "Face of God" and "Black Rock Man" are perhaps what Cream might have sounded like had they followed Jack Bruce down into the heavy rock rabbit hole. Randy Huth's guitar playing is spectacular without being overly flashy. His and Joel Winter's vocals carry a kind of ghostly weight against the thudding crunch of the music. Josh Martin's drum kit is sheer hammer power — slow, deliberate, and yet utterly inventive. These cats also actually write songs, not riffs. Check "Beneath the Earth," with its knotty winding structure. Indian Tower is a deeply satisfying hard rock record and stands apart form the longhaired greasy masses who sacrifice songwriting for power chords. Highly recommended." (Thom Jurek, All Music Guide)

Track Listing:

01. The Tower
02. No Stone
03. The Face of God
04. Black Rock Man
05. The Mirror
06. I Learn the Hard Way
07. Pray for Sound
08. The Boy of the Willow Tree
09. Wake in the Morning
10. Beneath the Earth
11. Away the Mirrors

Unfortunately, the band is on hiatus and do not currently have a MySpace page. Just sit back and enjoy the music they left us. Here is actually a link that you can listen to their self-titled debut album.


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