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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Release Tuesday-11/24/2009

There are not too many New Releases out this week due to the fact that it is nearing the end of the year, but here is one that may be of some interest to you guys.

Megasus-Megasus(EP)(20 Buck Spin)

2009 debut from the Providence, Rhode Island outfit. Riding forth like thunderbolts cast from the hammer of Thor, the eight hooves of the Megasus burn a trail of ice across the winter sky. Combining elements of Heavy Metal titans like High On Fire, Slayer, Pentagram, and Karp, Megasus delivers a debut of amazing power and volume with riff after riff of neckbreaking Metal fury.


"This is the debut album from filling-rattling metal Providence-based supergroup Megasus. "Swords", "Hexes/Szaadek" and "Iron Mountain" all are over six minutes long, combining slow dirge, distorted blood curdling screams, massive riffs and furious double kick pedal mayhem. At some points, I thought of a gonzo Saint Vitus. But on top of the music, this has one of the most impressive vinyl packaging ever to pass through these hands. I doubt I could withstand their live show, as whenever I see the "No Wimps" sign I always turn around and go home"(75orLess)

Here are some New Releases from previous weeks to check out:

11/17/2009 House Of Broken Promises-"Using the Useless"(SMALL STONE RECORDS)

11/17/2009 Luder-"Sonoluminescence"(Small Stone Records)

11/17/2009 Swallow The Sun-"New Moon"(Fontana Universal)

11/17/2009 Them Crooked Vultures-"Them Crooked Vultures"(DGC/Interscope) Features DAVE GROHL (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), JOSHUA HOMME (Queens of the Stone Age) and JOHN PAUL JONES (Led Zeppelin)

11/3/2009 Raise The Red Lantern-"Raise the Red Lantern"(At A Loss)

10/27/2009 Tia Carrera-"The Quintessential"(Small Stone Records)

10/26/2009 Pelican-"What We All Come To Need"(Southern Lord)

10/26/2009 Wolfmother-"Cosmic Egg [Deluxe Edition]"(Interscope)

10/20/2009 Fu Manchu-"Signs of Infinite Power"(Century Media)

10/20/2009 Shrinebuilder-"Shrinebuilder"(Neurot Recordings)

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