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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"New Band To Burn One To"-HYPNO5E

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is HYPNO5E. These guys come to you from France and create an exciting blend of ambient/experimental/prog metal. Their sound lies somewhere between Gojira and Pink Floyd.

Showing an all around approach to the arts both musically and visually, their videos consist of their custom movie archives and extracts, which are also projected at their live performances. I highly suggest you go to Hypno5e’s YouTube channel, for each video they create is both thrilling and chilling, and their virtuosity with the art of film is incredible:

The Ripple Effect

“Experimentally proggy, technically over the head, and brutal all at the same time, these guys hear music in their own unique way and aren’t afraid to stretch their sound to distant and, as of yet, unimaginable dimensions... This is the type of album that will make you question all that you know, or think that you know, about music… ”

Metal Underground

“From breakdowns behind classical female vocals to gut-wrenching screams and syncopation, the band covers more ground than Rambo ripping through a jungle… A surrealistic venture through several genres of haunting ass-kickings, because this is an album meant to frighten, impress, and envelope the listener.”

Be sure to check them out on their North American tour starting in January 2010.


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  1. Cool to see this band here! Great band and great music. If you like it you can try their acoustic band name A backward Glance On A Travel Road (with a free album in download here : http://www.dl-abackwardglance.com/)


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