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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two For Tuesday-"New Bands To Burn One(Two) To"-Behind The Sun/Sihr

Today I have two very incredible bands for you guys to hear. The first "New Band To Burn One To" is Behind The Sun. Behind the Sun are five musicians writing and performing heavy rock music in Israel. Gad Erez, vocals. Saar Gur, drums. Yoram Allouche, guitars. Dan Levy, bass. Aaron Lieber, guitars and vocals. The band was formed on the edges of the vast Negev desert. The music and lyrics speak of their personal trials and tribulations living in this heavenly but harsh land. Behind The Sun has just released their self-titled debut album. The contents: heavy, electric, tube driven riffing, blended with progressive styles and sensibilities and their own skeptical, cynical, but in the end positive philosophy as written word and amplified sound. Influences range from Queens of the Stone Age and Opeth, to Baroness and Rush.



The second "New Band To Burn One To" is Sihr. Sihr comes to us from Tempe, Arizona. The Sihr is heavy, sludgy, fuzzed out metal with elements of experimental noise, prog, psychedlia, and stoner grooves. For fans of Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Mastodon, Melvins, Clutch, Bongzilla, Intronaut, Big Business, Kylesa, Minsk, Young Widows, Cursed, The Sword, Mouth of the Architect, Hawkwind, Ufomammut, 35007 etc.
The band has just released their first album to "Beneath the Twelve Mile Zone" to much acclaim.

"download this band before they become household names in the Doom/Sludge world.This is so good and so freakin heavy....Essential listening 10/10" Earthdogsvisionofdoom

They have also been featured on Scott Kelly's (Neurosis) KMBT Radio Show

For more info.:

The Sihr Blog

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