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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Heavy Metal Salute to Heavy Metal Band Name Origins

Ever wonder how or why your favorite band is named what it is? This dude named Blair Gibson just released a book titled "A Heavy Metal Salute to Heavy Metal Band Name Origins". The book has 542 bands ranging from Black Metal to Stoner Rock. The author contacted each band through their MySpace and other personal websites to get each band name's origin. Here is page 1 from the book:


The 13th Floor Elevators were a combination of two groups from Texas, the Lingsmen and the Spades. The name was chosen as a result of an attempt on the part of Tommy Hall, who played electric jug and wrote most of the lyrics, to project the idea of "Christ consciousness" and a higher level of awareness. There is also an Eastern religion reference such as Buddhism for enlightenment and finally the Masonic pyramid includes 13 levels on the reverse of the U.S. one dollar. Also, buildings in the U.S. do not include a 13th floor which implies a level yet to be defined or that does not yet exist. Danny Thomas


At the time, we were called Mind Charger but we were not content with that. We were in Toronto to do a show at Club 360, and we got in a day early. A woman named Deanna who we had been in contact with through her website stonerrockchick.com, had offered to show us around town. She took us to a bar called the Bovine Sex Club to see some punk bands. At the club we noticed this huge muscle bound woman/man, we weren't sure because it was dressed like a woman, but we started messing with our bass player, saying stuff like "it's checking you out man" and "it digs you" you know, just fucking around. Anyway, back at the hotel when we were all fucked up, and high, the subject of that chick/dude came up again, and our bass player who at the time had a job moving heavy equipment with a semi, had blurted out in broken English (he's Polish) something about that chick/dude at the bar being an 18 Speed Tranny, and we almost pissed ourselves laughing. We thought it had a ring to it, so we made it our name. Ken


One of the band member's brothers cut himself and exaggerated the story in regards to how much blood there was. Someone heard him say “three inches of blood,” and thought it be a good band name.


35007 was first called A Loose Conspiracy, a loose group of people making loose music. The band was simply called Loose and if you read that upside down, it spells 35007. Sander"

To read more, you can purchase a print copy or download the e-book by following this link.

A very interesting read.

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