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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-LSD & D

Today i have a very cool band for you guys to check out from Portland, Oregon. Mixing part 70's Rock, 80's Hardcore and a little NWOBHM comes LSD & D.

Photo courtesy Cheyenne.

"In the spring of our Lord 2008, 5 young scribes came together to form the unholiest of alliances....... aghast..... A ROCK BAND. Who dare create such a base musical coalition, an obvious affront to civilized society? What heathens would thrust such a powerful, pulsing metallic force on the virtuous indie guzzling community of Portland, Oregon. Did they not know that rock is dead? With Wilco wanna bees on one side, flat out Fall Out Boy, Disney Channel watching losers on the other, and naive emo and screamo posers all in between, how dare they attempt to simply rock. Didn't critics kill their music way back... like in.... 1995? Well these young juggernauts have arisen from the dark ages to create a new hybrid of classics to restore the Kingdom of Rock. They fly from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven in an effort to revive the past. Calling back to the days before rock was a joke on an overpriced T-shirt hanging in a thrift shop. They have a call to glory to restore the days when rock was not only a birthright but the lifeblood of the disenfranchised, of the rebellious.

Let us introduce these experienced warlords of sonic splendor, those who have chosen to battle the ancient colonies of royal douche with their various tribes. Beating skins with the force of 1000 men is Private Mike, whose former glories have come with bands the likes of Diamond Tuck. Next in the metal militia is Mark Foehler on battle axe, formerly wreaking havoc with Holy Assassins. On thine other stringed weapon of terror is Billy Glenn, who laid the foundation of rhythm for Stone Juicer. Alex Fast has thumped the low end stronger than a herd of Clydesdale's on his bass with groups such as Deadeye. Lastly, Seantos McDonald's unorthodox singing style has been ransacking rock clubs in the NW for eons with such acts as Starantula."

For fans of Iron Maiden, The Jesus Lizard, Turbonegro, Melvins

Buy EP "Anvil-Dragoon" from CD Baby

Gimme Gimme Gimme (LSD&D with Danger Ehren)


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