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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-So Sayeth

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Indianapolis, Indiana's very own So Sayeth.

Photo credit: Liz@110db.com

"SoSayeth is a band that proudly waves a middle finger in the direction of anyone standing in the way of a good time. A band for the people, SoSayeth has a solitary agenda; to rock you as hard as the laws of physics will allow. To say that the guitars will crush you like the weight of 20 obese truckers would be an understatement. Sean King’s solos cut to the bone, while Jason Kindred keeps the sound thick like molasses, mixed with tar, mixed with Jager. The rhythm section of Dave Dalton (drums) and Brian Clark (bass) is like a sonic ass kicking, rumbling and pounding you into submission, until your head bobs and hands thrust skyward in approval. Kindred’s voice is the cherry on the top of this rock sundae; Gritty and gravelly, yet smooth as a strippers ass. SoSayeth isn’t reinventing the wheel, this is unrelenting, in your face, rock n’ roll. This is rock in it’s purest, loudest form, SoSayeth…"

So Sayeth has just released their CD The Silver Tongue to some awesome reviews. Here is one of them:

"This one almost got damned to the eternal review pile, you know that pile that never seems to whittle away because there’s a first stack going strong and it too seems belligerent on going down. I received The Silver Tongue a few weeks back and I never got around to listening to it. During this time a brutal stomach bug kicked in and left me bed ridden for a few days; including a night bereft of a single wink. In the early morning hours as delirium kicked in, I started thumbing through some of the discs I had planned on reviewing once I was better. In turn, So Sayeth’s debut “The Silver Tongue” popped up again and I felt it was time to give the record its dues. Despite a hazy brain, one full spin told me I better not ignore the Indiana based four-piece because this album gave me exactly the energy boost I needed in my sorry state!

The Silver Tongue is 11 tracks strong, brimming with a busy boogie of classic, stoner, doom and southern rock. All of the requisite ingredients are on hand; twin guitar action that busts out riffs, harmonies and solos fully backed by a boiling, rhythmic assault and vocals that belt it out with gusto. Vocalist/guitarist Kindred was actually a big draw for me on first listen, the guy has got a great set of pipes, capable of both gruff melodies and pristine hooks in one fell swoop. His lyrics about having a good time all the time and general hellraisin’ make this the perfect album for lettin’ loose on those hot summer nights directly on the horizon."



Buy the new CD at CD Baby

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