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Monday, April 27, 2009

Translation Loss Records Signs City of Ships

Translation Loss Records are extremely excited to announce the addition of Richmond, VA’s CITY OF SHIPS to their roster!

CITY OF SHIPS has been touring relentlessly since its inception in 2005, promoting self-released EPs as well as CD and vinyl releases from independent Richmond, VA labels Forcefield Records and the Perpetual Motion Machine. The trio will embark on an extensive European tour this summer, first with label mates ROSETTA and later joining The End Records’ BRAVEYOUNG (previously named GIANT, from NC). In addition, the band is currently booking a run of East Coast US dates with LIQUID LIMBS happening late May through mid-June.

Look What God Did to Us is CITY OF SHIPS’ first release with Translation Loss. The album will be co-released with indie label Sound Study Recordings from Gainesville, FL. Translation Loss will take charge of the CD release (expecting a mid-late summer release) while Sound Study will handle the vinyl and digital versions for this remarkable ten song full-length debut. Both record labels are intensely passionate about the band’s music and look forward to helping present CITY OF SHIPS to the world. For more information on Sound Study Recordings, please visit soundstudyrecordings.com.

Drew Juergens from Translation Loss on the signing and co-release:

“I could not be more excited about working with CITY OF SHIPS. Ever since I heard their tour EP and saw them live, I knew they were destined to create greatness. The new record is absolutely amazing and will take the world by surprise with its intrinsic groove and the jaw-dropping musicianship it presents.”

CITY OF SHIPS’ Translation Loss debut, entitled Look What God Did to Us, was tracked and mixed over two sessions in February and March of this year with producer Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio (PELICAN, MADE OUT OF BABIES, UNSANE) in Brooklyn, NY and will be mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Boston.

What folks are saying about CITY OF SHIPS:

“Pounding bass lines and quirky rhythms and structures that almost have a math metal sort of vibe, but there`s also a constant flow of all kinds of incredibly tactful "post-" influences, from lush clean passages and swirling, spacey effects to noisier layers of intense guitar work. I`m really fuckin` impressed by this material. Excellent.”
– Aversionline.com

“The group`s frenetic energy and obvious emotional stake in the music which they play is simultaneously impressive and inspiring.”
– Scenepointblank.com

“Amidst the ocean of droney post-rock, post-hardcore clones, there are only a couple bands that catch my attention. CITY OF SHIPS had me hooked from beginning to end.”
- Razorcake

“This takes me back to a time of discovering exciting new sounds in the underground scene that really blew minds, from KEROSENE 454 to ETHEL MESERVE — bands unhindered by genre and expressing endless enthusiasm for just playing great music. CITY OF SHIPS are hard to describe and easy to enjoy, both great things.”
- Exclaim Magazine

For more information on CITY OF SHIPS, visit www.myspace.com/cityofships.

05/27/09: St.Augustine, Florida - St. Augustine, with LIQUID LIMBS
05/28/09: Orlando, Florida - Backbooth, with LIQUID LIMBS
05/29/09: Tampa, Florida - New World Brewery, with LIQUID LIMBS, GUILTMAKER
05/30/09: Gainesville, Florida - The Atlantic, with LIQUID LIMBS, SO PASTEL
05/31/09: Pensacola, Florida - Pensacola, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/01/09: Birmingham, Alabama - Birmingham, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/02/09: Chattanooga, Tennessee - JJ’s Bohemia, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/03/09: Louisville, Kentucky - Louisville, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/04/09: Cincinnati, Ohio - Cincinnati, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/05/09: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pleasure Island, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/06/09: Frederick, Maryland - @ Guido’s Speakeasy, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/07/09: Richmond, Virginia - Nara Sushi, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/08/09: Washington, DC - TBA, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/09/09: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/10/09: Lancaster, Pennsylvania - The Stomping Grounds, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/11/09: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - TBA, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/12/09: Brooklyn, New York - TBA, with LIQUID LIMBS, IREPRESS, JUNIUS
06/13/09: Boston, Massachusetts - TBA, with LIQUID LIMBS
06/14/09: Providence, Rhode Island - TBA, with LIQUID LIMBS

06/17/09: Wroclaw, PL - Firlej Club, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/18/09: Prague, CZ - 2 Klub 007 Strahov, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/19/09: Athens, GR - An Club, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/20/09: Brno, CZ - Yacht Club, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/21/09: Budapest, HU - Dürer Kert, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/22/09: Vienna, AT - Arena Dreiraum, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/26/09: Paris, FR - TBA, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/28/09: Tilburg, NL - 013, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/29/09: Berlin, DE - Mikz, with ROSETTA and BLINDEAD
06/30/09: Potsdam, DE - Black Fleck, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/01/09: Dresden, DE - Az Conni, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/02/09: Leipzig, DE - Zoro, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/03/09: Frankfurt, DE - Elfer Club, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/04/09: Antwerpen, BE - De Rots, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/05/09: Lille, FR - Le Select, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/06/09: Southern UK - TBA, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/07/09: StokeonTrent, UK - Harry’s Bar, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/08/09: Leicester, UK - Criterion, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/09/09: Glasgow, UK - Cassette, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/10/09: Leeds, UK - Joseph’s Well, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/11/09: Lincoln, UK - Groomfest, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/12/09: Le Havre, FR - Kingstown Cafè, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/13/09: Montaigu, FR - Le Noctambule Bar, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/15/09: Toulouse, FR - Le Pavillon Sauvage, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/16/09: TBA - Spain, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/17/09: Porto, PT - Fabrica Do Som, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/18/09: Madrid, ES - Siroco, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/19/09: Badalona, ES - Estraperlo Club, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/20/09: St.FeliuDeCodines, ES - Centre Civic La Fonteta, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/21/09: Lyon, FR - Lyon’s Hall, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/22/09: Vicenza, IT - Centro Tecchio, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/23/09: Arezzo, IT - Habitat Skatepark, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/24/09: Meunchen, DE - Sunny Red, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/25/09: Solingen, DE - Waldmeister Club, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/26/09: TBA - Austria, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/27/09: TBA - Germany, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/28/09: Hof, DE - Gruene Haidt, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/29/09: Wuerzburg, DE - Immerhin, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/30/09: Amsterdam, NL - Winston, with BRAVEYOUNG
07/31/09: Utrecht, NL - ACU, with BRAVEYOUNG
08/01/09: LaLouvière(Hainaut), BE - La Taverne du Théâtre, with BRAVEYOUNG
08/02/09: Blankenberge, BE - Offshore Fest, with BRAVEYOUNG

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