Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dark Castle To Release Debut Full-Length

The city of Saint Augustine, FL has the distinction or being the oldest city/port in the United States and the home of the duo DARK CASTLE. Brought to the attention of At A Loss Recordings by both Sanford Parker (MINSK/BURIED AT SEA) and Philip Cope (KYLESA), the couple will release there first full-length, Spirited Migration, on May 26. Recorded by Phillip Cope and mastered by Scott Hull (both KYLESA and BARONESS), Spirited Migration continues the metallic doom psyche journey the band`s stunning Flight of the Pegasus began. Guttural howls and towering volume are broken up with post-rock interludes. Exotic scales and haunting rhythms pull the listener further into DARK CASTLE`s unique atmospheres. For fans of YOB, RWAKE, SAMOTHRACE, etc.

The band will be playing the following dates this summer:

5/07/2009: Hickory, NC - Drip`s, with US CHRISTMAS, STINKING LIZAVETA
6/04/2009: Panama City, FL - Spinnaker, with ZORASTER, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECTS, IT STARTS TODAY

Spirited Migration Tracklisting

"Awake In Sleep" (6:51)
"Into The Past" (5:35)
"Spirited Migration" (1:46)
"Growing Slow" (4:31)
"Weather The Storm" (3:26)
"Flight Beyond" (4:14)
"Grasping The Awe" (4:12)
"A Depth Returns" (6:33)

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