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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Brooklyn, New York avant-doom juggernaut BLOODY PANDA will see its new full-length masterpiece released this summer via Profound Lore Records.

Following the band's impressive debut full-length, "Pheromone", BLOODY PANDA is putting the finishing touches on 60-plus minutes of cerebral, epic, and haunting hymnals; a no-training-wheels cinematic plunge into the unending nightmare that began four years ago with the band's debut release (a split with fellow east coast experimentalists KAYO DOT). Once again featuring the ghostly, death-defying wails of siren Yoshiko Ohara, the new opus is a monstrous cry from the depths. Almost like if film directors Takashi Miike and Michaelangelo Antonioni had a bastard horror-film child and raised him in Indonesia or Estonia, BLOODY PANDA's forthcoming release would likely be the soundscape.

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