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Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Don Juan Matus

Photo by: Juan Franco Campos

The "New Band To Burn One To" today comes from Lima, Peru. They are called Don Juan Matus. They have a new album out entitled "Visiones Paganas". For more information on this cool band go to their MySpace page now.


"For a band that's churning through members at a frightening pace, Don Juan Matus is certainly productive. Their self titled debut was released at the beginning of the year, and according to their MySpace bio, by the time they recorded follow-up Visiones Paganas, the band's line-up could only be followed with a flow chart and a PhD.

Good thing it didn't effect the quality. Visiones Paganas may lack the overall Sabbathy bite of Don Juan Matus, it still delivers. If anything, the band's more aligned with classic rock this time around, although there are moments of folksy inspiration amidst the swirling retro pyschedelia and thick riffs (and in the case of “Las Ninas De La Luna,” piano artiness). For a band that delved so deeply into doom on their debut, they certainly know how to get asses shaking with “Cancion Para Nuada.” And “Sol Poniente” (which also appears on their split with Angel of Damnation) is essentially a rollicking take on “Children of the Grave,” which ought to satisfy the more discerning fans of the heavy.

I'm glad that despite the instability of the band, they're still able to record and release new music. As was the case with their debut, Don Juan Matus' Visiones Paganas is a must-have for fans of classic rock and doom." (John Pegoraro , StonerRock.com)

Buy now at psycheDOOMelic Records.


  1. Nice find. I'm groovin' to it right now, thanks to you guys.


  2. Heavy Planet is actually the work of just one guy and that's me. Reg


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